Friday, April 16, 2004

[TheDeadGuy] quotes (from first 100 writeups)

The following is a LONG list of quotes copied and pasted from Keith's oldest 100 write-ups (unless he objects when he finds out about this, quotes from the rest of his write-ups will appear here later). When pasted into MSword, the links remain links, but I do not yet know, (and honestly doubt) if they will remain links once posted here, so for that reason I have put the pipelinks in. Most other links I didn't bother with.

The [nature of the delay], like an [hourglass], is measured by the growing length of ash at the end of her cigarette. Conversation tends to stop as the [burning] of the [tobacco] becomes the center of attention.

The relevant nature of intimacy. Staying the night is a far greater commitment than the act of lovemaking. The cigarette continues to burn. She reaches for her jacket.

"It's okay. I've been waiting for the phone to ring all night. Don't hang up. Talk to me."
"I don't care if you called the wrong number. Tell me what you would have said if you called the right number. We both need the closure."
-wrong number

Sometimes even a ripple can disturb [Gulf of Mexico|the mightiest of oceans]. Unspoken, unmentioned, uninvited... this ripple stayed [kingdom on the bottom of the sea|below the ocean's surface] for almost a week.

Lock the doors. Bolt the windows down. Never feel safe. The world is splitting. Two halves of a concentric hole. Fore!-[People who have animals kill their kids]
If you're going to leave
Sooner is better than later
But if you want to stay
Staying means forever.
-[seedy neighborhood bar]

The past was not the present. It never is. Just as tomorrow never comes. One can only wake up within the brackets of today. We all travel in time this way. We just forget we are doing it.
"This world is not capable of understanding your duality. To be but a man and to be but one person is what they know. For you, this life is a preparation for an upcoming tomorrow.
"You have great talents, but they must be suppressed. Success in this world is predicated by meeting and exceeding the expectations of others. It has nothing to do with success within."
He was deeply troubled by the seductions and temptations of the living, breathing world. For one with so much talent, intelligence, wisdom and energy it was difficult to resist the empty drone of worldly success.
"To go into this world and dominate with your abilities would be a critical error.”
“Your legacy is not for [Los Angeles|this place] in which we now exist. [The only winning move is not to play.|They must forget you] in order for you to [who am I?|learn your true identity] elsewhere. Otherwise this world's history will own your soul."
[My skull is but a padded cell, the walls of which my inner demons bounce off|Honestly, it isn't easy] being creepy and different. Physically, there are no discenable characteristics that would make me stand out in a crowd of 40,000. My legs are intact and [lazy eye|my eyes don't wander off in different directions]. It is just that I cannot handle the glare of warm, rosy, friendly nothingness
I don't need any of this so-called socialization. I'm too far advanced. I can stare at a pine cone for six hours. That should tell you something. Yet I can hear their shrill, whiney voices constantly. Even when they aren't there [voices in my head|they are there in my head].
We go through our lives consciously or unconsciously keeping the various circles we travel through life in seperate from each other. They develop into what can be called different worlds. We even develop personality adjustments for these different worlds. For example, one may be known to [fuck|swear] on a consistent basis when with friends at the [seedy neighborhood bar|pub], but at grandma's Thanksgiving extravaganza the harshest word used might be "overcooked."
“...damned nodeshells speak to me in my sleep...”(tiny in the bottom of [So we drank their blood...])

No mercy has the sea when we are nowhere near its angry clutches.

"Dammit, boy, you must've been born with the stupids. Got that from your mom's side."
Eventually something would have to happen. A pattern in life eventually has to be broken.
I wasn't sure if it was her voice I heard or if it was only in my imagination. The wind and the rain were growing more fierce and they were known to play tricks with the audio track that runs constantly while we live our little lives.
The chameleon method of adapting to your environment is not the same as giving up who you are and [if you weren't stupid, you'd agree with me|thinking like everyone else]. There are very few places where such toadying is embraced and commended, it makes you highly expendable. No one really loves an empty shell of a human being. Yet, those already established in an environment expect you to earn your wings before you fly around the room.
Life is not that unlike theatre. People have grown accustomed to seeing the show the way it is. A new character that comes along slowly and develops stands a greater chance of finding a warm place in the heart of the audience. One who flashes onto the stage might find immediate approval and favor, but his shelf life is more limited. Flashy and revolutionary material from the outset requires the actor constantly outdo himself. To retreat into subtlety now will disappoint the audience. How much energy do you have for the long run?
Blend, observe and then act.
Be like the chameleon, blend in amongst the trees, the cubicle walls and the water cooler. Sit and drink your beer quietly and get an idea about who these people around you are. Leak your personality slowly, like Three Mile Island, not rapidly like Chernoble. Soon your time will come. Eventually everything changes and you'll find yourself evaluating the newcomer who drops her pants and shows off the tattoo of angry bees on her left buttock the first day on the job... and at that point you'll realize it is time to move on to the next rest stop on the highway of your life.
The first kiss will taste the most delicious. Perhaps this is only due to the surprise it presents.
"Nothing can ever make up for the loss of a loved one, but you deserve something for your pain."
Passing over to the other side after our own demise, perhaps we will be greeted with a similar presentation. The video screens may be more artistic than your average 17" television. The colors could very well be more vibrant. The weather in the room might be unpredictably predictable. Does that mean everything will be different?
"Have you reason to believe that your death was unjustified? Shulmanackoff and Biedeviedes is here for you. We care. We specialize in unjust death, especially in cases where you were not given time to make peace with your God and your loved ones. Talk to us. We'll get you the compensation you deserve. The first consultation is free. Don't spend another night worrying about what might have been. Call us."
Time to leave. There is a lot more on the road ahead. Despite your experience, you'll be back. Something draws you back again and again.



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