Thursday, November 1, 2007

missed an appt and got people mad at me

Jerry called me SEVERAL times this morning and I effed up big time by not getting up when I was supposed to and not only did I make someone I love upset with me but I also have to go 2 more weeks with my bridge and poligrip all day. yuck.

i saw dr. jay today. they are switching me from dr policar to dr jay. I had him a long time ago and never cared much for me. maybe it'll be different this time tho.

i have to go friday (tommorrow/today) for clubhouse and to get my meds. i hate getting up so early. i really suck at it.

i spent the last couple hours with headphones on listing to This Delicate Thing We've Made (Darren Haye's double album he just recently released). that helped me. i still want to cut but not as bad. i cut my stomach a bit earlier.



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