Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 28

Friday January 28 was a day of preparation.
I went to walmart mostly for lightbulbs because I was down to only one light in the livingroom and no replacements and the bulbs do not last long.  I got $20 out of the atm and spent $40 on lightbulbs, drink mix, and little debbies.  They did not have the cheap lightbulbs I usually buy so ended up getting the newer kind, the spirally ones.
I tried to get a little bit of sleep since I knew the next two days were going to be very busy and exhausting.  I also had a alot to get done tho.  There was laundry that needed doing and the dishes needed to be washed since I knew I would be too tired after either day of the trip and likely the day after that too so could not leave them in the sink for so long.  I needed to shower of course and I needed to get my backpack together and have everything as easy as possible to be able to do a full Disney day twice in a row.



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