Saturday, June 28, 2008

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

GooGoo Dolls Acoustic #3 lyrics

They painted up your secrets
With the lies they told to you
And the least they ever gave you
Was the most you ever knew

And I wonder where these dreams go
When the world gets in your way
What's the point in all this screaming
No one's listening anyway

Your voice is small and fading
And you hide in here unknown
And your mother loves your father
'Cause she's got nowhere to go

And she wonders where these dreams go
'Cause the world got in her way
What's the point in ever trying
Nothing's changing anyway

They press their lips against you
And you love the lies they say
And I tried so hard to reach you
But you're falling anyway

And you know I see right through you
When the world gets in your way
What's the point in all this screamin'
You're not listening anyway

Friday, June 13, 2008

My sister graduated!

Well it's been a little while since I've actually written anything anywhere. My sister Kylee has had a very eventful couple of weeks. Last night she graduated high school at 8pm. All my friends were there, and of course most of my family was there. It was disappointing that grandma decided not to go but our sister, Amber, came and even our father, Rick, showed up. My family got to meet my best friend's boyfriend for the first time. Amber got to meet all my friends for the first time. It was great seeing Amber again after so long.
I got over to my moms house yesterday around 2:30 or 3pm I think. I visited with the twins and grandma and all for a while where Kylee got ready. Then me and Kylee headed off to the college I've gone to all these years because she had an appointment with a counselor there. The two of them worked on a student educational plan (SEP) for Kylee and answered a few questions Kylee had and then I took Kylee to the main office to pick up some papers that show what classes are needed for each major but most of the ones she wanted to see were not there. They need to refill the slots where they go. I took Kylee to the financial aid office where she spoke briefly with someone there that told her to make sure she's got her FAFSA done and such. Then I showed Kylee where the food was and bought her a soda and pointed out the bookstore and the library and what buildings were which in that area. Then we headed over to the district field where her graduation was. When we got there the other high school that used that same field that same day for their graduation was just starting to leave. So the area was a mess of people and we parked a street over and walked over to the field and waited for our family and friends.
Marcie and her boyfriend Eddie were the first of our group to show up. Shortly after that John, Danielle, Sergio, and Brianna showed up. We then waited, talking to my mom a few times on the phone, for Amber to arrive at the house so mom and Dillon and the twins as well as Amber could come over there. Rick arrived shortly before the gates opened. Most of my friends went in and got us seats while me and Marcie waited with Rick outside because mom had his ticket. Eventually we all got in and sat in the bleachers and waited. Boy were our butts sore at the end of the ceremony. Bleachers are not a comfortable place to sit. It's a killer on my back too.
It took a good fifteen or more minutes for the graduating class of approximately 250 to march into the field and file into their seats. Then there were several speeches and then the calling of the names in a mostly alphabetical order. Kylee was fairly easy to spot because she was the only one with the blue and gold honor cords like the ones me and Marcie wore. They are for honor thespian. Something not easy to earn but Kylee more than earned with all her involvement in the drama department at school and all the stuff she's done outside of school productions. After the ceremony ended everyone rushed the field to meet up with their graduate. It took a while to find Kylee in that mess and then her and Dillon both lost themselves in the crowd saying congrats and bye to all their friends. Eventually Kylee picked up her diploma and we found her near the exit taking pictures with her girlfriend and friends. Dillon took quite a while longer to get over there. Once we finally got them rounded up we drove over to Denny's where everyone else was waiting for us.
At Denny's we had the banquet room which mom had reserved. It was very nice. Mom had brought in quite a bit of decorations in earlier in the day and the staff there decorated with the stuff she brought in. Most was black and gold because that is the school colors and some even said the school name on it.
Most of us ate. Me and Danielle shared a grand slam and it was good. Rick left before we ate but he did at least come by there. He gave Kylee $50. Kylee kind of felt gypped because at my grad he had given me $100. Most of my friends gave her gift cards for various things. Amber got her a big basket of snack foods that Kylee loved but didn't see until she got home because Amber rode with mom to the grad and then to Denny's and the basket was in her car. Poor Amber was so exhausted but couldn't leave until someone took her back to our house and we'd forgotten she was stuck there and when we realized it I ran her by the house (a 2 minute drive tops) so she could go home. She gave me the basket and I went in and sat it on the couch as she went home. I then found Kylee some flip-flops and took them back to Denny's because her feet were killing her from wearing the nice shoes she had on. By the time I got back my friends were all walking out and I spoke to them a minute or two in the parking lot before going back into the restaurant and helping clean up. I then drove Kylee's friend Andrew (I think that was his name...real nice guy) home and took Kylee back to the house and visited a while before going home around 2:30am.
I ordered Kylee an 8gb memory card with a usb card reader to go with it. It'll be a few more days still before she gets it, however. I did tell her about it yesterday though.
I think everyone had a pretty good time last night. The twins were exhausted though. They had gone to Universal Studios with their dad the day before and were obviously up fairly late last night compared to their usual bedtime around 8pm or so. They had to get up early today to see their asshole of a father who kept them late day before yesterday but had a tantrum when mom told him today that they were going to be late today because they were tired and hard to get up this morning. The twins did NOT want to go visit today. They wanted to stay home and relax but mom had no choice but to make them go. I think it's the 20th of this month they go with him for an entire month. My mom is going to go nuts and the twins are going to miss her and their home terribly.
Kylee's grad night was last week and they went to Disneyland. She said the park was packed full of too many schools and all the lines were horrendous. Today she has been on the computer trying to get stuff backed up so I can attempt to fix their computer. Secure sites (email, bank, school registration site, etc etc) do not work at all on their computer now. The isp troubleshot with us a couple times for a few hours and eventually told us to reformat and start over. I haven't done it yet because Kylee hasn't backed up her stuff yet and Dillon is ALWAYS on it. (Myspace still works). Dillon starts summer school monday. He doesn't not need to go but is getting a class or two out of the way. He got pretty good grades. They both did. I was trying on my computer to get into the school website for her but we can't get logged in. we have to call the school Monday and find out why her ID and password are not working.
I am very proud of Kylee this week (and always)! Here are a few pictures I took yesterday:

This blur is Kylee as she graduated:

A proud mom kissing her daughter:
Mom and Kylee sucking face while squishing the Daniel!

Kylee with many of my friends:

Daniel loved Amber immediatly:
Amber and Daniel

Sister and father who hadn't seen each other in 8 years:
Amber and Rick

Kylee and our father:

The cake (I think those were real flowers but we weren't sure):
Kylee's face cake!

Hannah and Dillon doing some kind of secret handshake:

My friends:

And finally...a piture taken before we left for the graduation- "When Hannah attacks!" lol:

Congratulations little sis! I love you!


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