Saturday, October 9, 2004

Saturday night

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Caption: The outfits say “Double Trouble” with a smiley that’s a boy and one that’s a girl. Under the girl on hers it says “Hannah” and under the boy on his it says “Daniel”

Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real
miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense every-
thing that comes from love is miracle.
--Marianne Williamson

Trivia: In 1936, in the presidential race between Franklin D.
Roosevelt and Alf Landon, both parties used what for the
first time?

Joke: Q:How did the phone propose to his girlfriend?

A:He gave her a ring.

Thing(s) I learned since my last blogging: My two library teachers don’t think I should quit their classes.

Thing(s) I accomplished since my last blogging: Saw a psychiatrist and started Zyprexa.

And now on to my ramblings of the moment:

It’s Saturday night. I’m following a list. I have quit going to school, but will start an online Health Science course soon. I’m watching Mad TV. I’m depressed. I’m tired. I got the munchies. I have eaten 1,240 calories since midnight. I suppose I could eat 60 more calories which will make it 1,300. Then perhaps have 1,200 tomorrow, and 1,100 the next day, and then 1,000 each day after that. That should help me get into my jeans that are all too tight. This is hard because the Zyprexa I started today makes me tired and hungry. The mental health clinic dashed my hopes of being helped. I’m not going to kill myself or anything, I’m just feeling blah.

Trivia Answer: In 1936, in the presidential race between Franklin D.Roosevelt and Alf Landon, both parties used radio for the
first time.
Current music: Watching Mad TV.

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