Thursday, December 16, 2004

Screw the template

I'm depressed and barely functioning. I've decided to drop the class I wanted to take (abnormal psychology with Dr. Schaliky) because I have no dependable transportation. My car won't pass smog and is not repairable. Grandma said she'll help me get a car for my birthday but that's not until the end of the semester. I'll still have developmental psychology online and the health science class online. I'll probably go curl up in a ball now.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Current Music: none again

Current Mood: restless and tired

Thing(s) I accomplished since my last blogging: went to the psychiatrist

And now on to my ramblings of the moment:
I’m having trouble focusing on anything for long. I’m tired and restless. I cant sleep. I can’t focus. I went to the doc today. I start zyprexa again in the morning.

Current music: Mary did you know

Current mood: unsure how I feel

Last thoughts: whatever my mood is isn’t where I’d like to be.

Thursday, December 2, 2004

TItles are hard to come up with

Current Music: Darren Hayes – So Bad

Current Mood: Kinda high on pain pills

Interesting Node: The Christmas Shoes

Interesting non-e2 url: Bubblewrap!


Caption: This is from Don Mammen’s memorial service. I thought it was pretty so I scanned it.

Quote: “Death borders upon our birth, and our cradle stands in the grave. Our birth is nothing but our death begun.”
--Bishop Hall

Trivia: What 1978 Disney animated featurette is about the special journey of a donkey from Jerusalem to Bethlehem?

Joke: Top Ten Things That Sound Dirty at Xmas

1. Did you get any under the tree? 2. I think your balls are hanging too low. 3. Check out Rudolph's honker! 4. Santa's sack is really bulging. 5. Lift up the skirt so I can get a whiff. 6. Did you get a piece of the fruitcake? 7. I love licking the end till it's really sharp and pointy. 8. From here you can't tell if they're artificial or real. 9. Can I interest you in some dark meat? 10. To get it to stand up straight, try propping it against the wall.

Thing(s) I learned since my last blogging: That talking about cutting, in any form, upsets Dawggy. I cannot stand to have him upset with me. Also, from working on school work we learned that Yoga gives a person agility and flexibility.

Thing(s) I accomplished since my last blogging: Was there for a friend at her father’s memorial service and after.

And now on to my ramblings of the moment: I don’t really feel like rambling right now. My eyes keep crossing. I went to Montclair Plaza with my mom and we ate in the food court then went out and found Borders and spent almost $200 on Kylee and Dillon. Then I took lortab.

Trivia answer: The Small One

Current music: John_Mayer_-_Come_Back_To_Bed_[live_on_leno_07.20.2004]

Current mood: Don’t know

Last thoughts: Lortab is my friend but my head still kinda hurts but I go to the doctor tomorrow.