Thursday, October 19, 2006


I haven't posted much recently. I'm halfway through the semester and am doing fine in both of my classes. I'm getting an A or B in both classes as far as I know (and hope). Next week I have to meet with Vince from DSP&S about a priority registration appointment for next semester. I plan on taking three classes (English 100, Typing Fundamentals, and a psychology class). If I feel too overwhelmed I may have to drop one of the classes, but I'm hopeing to be able to complete all three. The psycholoogy class is online and the typing class is partially online.

Mom has decided to not buy any more soda because we drink it too fast. I can't wait until I move out. Section 8 called me yesterday to tell me they need a few more papers from me. They're sending me a letter stating everything else they need. The hard part is going to be finding some place close that accepts Section 8.

I wish my back would stop hurting. I took a naproxen in class and an ibeprofin a few hours later. Neither has helped. Oh well. I can live with it.