Saturday, May 10, 2008

A true friend

My definition of a “true friend” has been questioned.

PhotobucketA true friend is someone that sticks with you through thick and thin, NO MATTER WHAT.

PhotobucketA true friend is there for you when you need them most, without cursing you for needing them and without complaint.

PhotobucketA true friend would never threaten you in any way and does NOT continuously remind you that you “owe” them for all the things they’ve ever done for you.

PhotobucketA true friend doesn’t run from your problems but asks you to talk about them.

A true friend doesn’t lie to you and call you the liar.

PhotobucketA true friend supports you in any decision you make.

PhotobucketA true friend doesn’t remind you of every mistake you’ve ever made, but reminds you of the good things you’ve done.

PhotobucketA true friend really means it when they say they love and care about you, and show it!

PhotobucketA true friend can be told anything without making you feel bad.

PhotobucketA true friend remembers the things you did for them and the times you were there for them, not just what they did for you.

PhotobucketAn untrue friend will say they don’t want you in their life and then continue to contact you to put you down and threaten you, reading all the stuff you post.
So now we know my definition of a true friend! I have true friends, most notably is Marcie. She has always been there, no matter what. And I hope I’ve always been there for her, no matter what. She fulfills all the things I mentioned above and then some. I hope she realizes how much I appreciate her.



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