Sunday, July 27, 2008

A cool giveaway

Check out acowboyswife's blog and enter her giveaways! Very cool!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cadaver calculator

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Check out the letsgogreen giveaway!

I found a giveaway for biodegradable trashbags. So check out the blog called The Ramblings of a Woman and read the post that is linked in the title of my blog post. We should all try to do more for the environment.

Monday, July 7, 2008


On Thursday, July 3rd I drove Kylee, Trisha and their a-hole friend Travis (or was it Trevor? Who knows...we'll call him "jerk"). The first thing I wanted to do when we got there was go on Toy Story Mania which I've been wanting to do since I first heard the ride was being built! If you don't know what TSMM is please go look it up! Better yet, go to DCA and ride it! I can't wait to ride it again (and again and again...)! I loved it.

Me and Kylee in line

I was yellow, Tricia was green.

Riding TSMM was the best part of the day by far. Kylee and her friends treated me like crap all day. Oh well. I got to ride TSMM. I won't be going to DL with Kylee and her friends again though. I won't be spending any time with jerk or doing any favors for him at all. Kylee did apologize to me after mom talked to her the following day. The fact that Kylee treats me (and most people) like crap on a regular basis and apologized just before asking for help with something from me makes me not appreciate her apology as much as I've tried to. She tried to apologize tho.

The night after getting home from DLR I sat down and cried longer and harder than I had in quite a while. It was my worst trip to DL ever. I can't wait to go again (WITH DILLON! OR MOM AND THE TWINS AND DILLON!) to forget about this trip and return happiness to my DL memories.

I couldn't get anyone to go on Toy Story a second time or explore the new Dream House inside Innoventions which I really wanted to see. Hopefully me and Dillon can go see it soon. Mom and Dillon had gone to DL the Sunday before and rode TSMM twice and had lots of fun but the dream house was closed at the time. I wish I could have gone with them but I'm glad the two of them were able to spend quality time together just the two of them. Dillon don't get enough attention. With the twins always keeping mom busy and all Kylee's graduation stuff recently he kind of got lost in the crowd.


I've been pretty depressed lately. The treatment by Kylee and her friends really didn't help. The fourth I just stayed home. Was tired, achey, depressed, and just didn't want to deal with crowds and such. Kylee don't like fireworks so just mom and Dillon went and watched fireworks at the same place we go every year. Mom said it was the same show as the last 2 years, same music, same fireworks choreography. There was some famous singer tho that sang one song. I can't remember who it was though. Someone I'd heard of that has been around for many years. Mom said she was a friend of someone involved in planning the fireworks performance and sang one of her popular songs than was driven off in the van they drove her out to the stage in. Mom's not sure it was her but it pretty sure.

Sunday mom took me and Dillon to the cheap theatre and we saw Wall-E. It was cute. Mom fell asleep tho and when she woke up started playing tetris on her phone so I guess she didn't really get into it. Mom ALWAYS falls asleep though no matter how good the movie is. It's too bad we couldn't have taken the twins but they're with their father and he has already taken them to it. Mando did let my mom have her visit with the twins the last 2 wednesday nights but we think he's off this week so he'll probably have plans and she wont get to see the babies. I believe his 4 weeks are over on the twentieth of this month.


Oh recently I won a $100 visa giftcard doing sweeps. Also won a 6-month premium membership for OLS.

Well I have a dentist appointment at 1pm today and it's 6am now. I had a nap but I should try to get a couple hours of sleep.