Wednesday, October 29, 2008

home visit tomorrow gah!

It's another hot day. I missed group. Felt and stil feel shitty. Could not get up and get down there in time. Called in and told them that my stomach was a mess (which is true) and I was not going to be there. She tried to talk me into coming anyways but I couldn't.

Got a call from Karen from the clinic saying her and the other livingwell group leader, Danielle, will be coming over around 10:30am tomorrow morning for a home visit. Blah. I'll have to get my apartment clean tonight and shower. I was washing dishes when she called.

Going to spend the night doing a list and trying to get apartment clean enough. Probably won't get to do daily sweeps tonight. :(

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

summer over yet?

It's been really hot today. Even turned the air conditioner on for a little while because I was so hot. It's supposed to be fall. Summer is supposed to be over.

On Thursday me and mom may be going out to Cal Worthington to look for me a car. Mine has endless problems and more than one mechanic has told me several times to get rid of it.

I'm entering daily sweeps and doing a list. Hopefully I'll manage to get through all the daily sweeps today.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

a week to write this...

I went to the doctor's monday. I got a flu shot and a referral to a different

neurologist because the guy I have seen in the past just would never do anything for me.

I went to mom's house after that. I helped the twins finish their homework and then read

some books to them until they got too wound up and I got too aggravated to continue. Mom

got us all KFC. I had 5 chicken little sandwhiches (they are the size of white castle

hamburgers) and then some of the corn that mom made.

When I got home I watched tv, chatted, and did a lot of nothing for a long time. Talked

to a new person in #bus who was having a hard time for a while and started working on a

list I started a few days ago and is now quite long.

The current list:
One Minute Bible
Woman's Bible

The book I am currently reading is "From a Buick 8" by Stephen King. MoodGym is a website that like helps you work out stuff dealing

with depression etc. The Bible I'm reading is The Student Bible NIV. I'm currently

reading some of the psalms. I have a ton of magazines sitting around that I need to get

rid of. The Woman's Bible has devotional readings that I'm reading, not just a regular


On tuesday I went to group. Loraine, who is a big Disneyland fan and a member of the

group I've known for a few years now brought me 2 pairs of pants and 3 disney t-shirts.

After group I went to mom's house I think. The twins were not home, they were with their


On wednesday I saw the gastroenterologist. He told me to have blood work done and then

an ultrasound and I have an appointment to see him again in a month. I didn't get up

until about 5pm or so on thursday so only paid my rent and didn't go get bloodwork done

or call the new neurologist. On friday I didn't get up until after 6pm so did nothing

yet again.

I finished the Book "From A Buick 8" a couple days ago and Saturday morning I finished

another Stephen King book "Doloros Claiborne". I have started reading yet another

Stephen King book. This one is called "Night Shift" and is a collection of short


I have not been feeling well at all lately. Been getting dizzy and lightheaded a lot.

Just a blah feeling in general and nausea is back at times. I'm acheyier than usual I

think too. I've also felt really depressed and anxious and my head has been loud. The

Bad Man has visited me in my sleep again. It's not as bad as it has been in the past

though fortunatly.

I've been writing this blog post since I think monday. It is now sunday. Early sunday.