Saturday, March 21, 2009

leaving soon to pick up car

I've had a migraine for like a week. Also haven't had a car in a week and a half. Blown head gasket and something having to do with a hose as well. I'm supposed to get it back this morning.

I realized today that I don't think I've seen another person since a week ago wednesday. I've been alone in my apartment since then. I went outside today (well technically yesterday) and took out the trash and went to the mail box.

It's like 10am now on saturday and my headache is not as bad today and I've been able to work on a list and enter a bunch of sweeps.

It's almost 11am. Mom called half an hour or so ago and said they'd be here in a little while. I'm almost ready to go.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

stuff thats been sitting on my computer for like weeks...

On friday night me and Dillon met Marcie and her boyfriend Eddie at Dillon's high school to see the play Harvey that Kylee was working backstage for and her girlfriend was in. Eddie had never seen a high school play or Harvey. Me and Marcie were house managers for Harvey our senior year of high school and have had a running joke about that pooka ever since. Everyone went to Norm's restuarant afterwards which was very busy. Kylee sat with her friends from the play and Dillon, me, Marcie, and Eddie sat in a booth. I ordered french toast and eggs (at Marcie's request because she enjoys watching me eat eggs). I ate both fried eggs and one piece of the french toast and felt full. By the time we left my stomach was killing me and kept getting worse and I had to use my mom's bathroom when I got to their house to drop off Kylee and Dillon. I had a stomach ache the rest of the night/morning.

I started a blog a week and a half ago and have written since but my POS computer didn't save my changes several times. On the Sunday after that Sergio, John, and Danielle came over. We went to Olive Garden and Sergio paid. I can't afford stuff like that. Then they figured out how to get my Wii working but not my dvd player. They said I need another wire or something.

It's mom's birthday. My car is at the mechanics though so I can't go over there unless she comes and picks me up. She has the pick the twins up and then she is going down to Disneyland alone to get her birthday gift card and buying herself a sweatjacket. I'm glad she's spending the money on something for herself. She always puts everyone else first.

My car is in the shop and is going to cost over a thousand dollars to fix. It's got a few things wrong with it but the expensive part is a blown head gasket. They said to fix it most of the engine has to be taken out to even get to it.

It's almost 7am. My internet has been down for pretty much the whole night. I'm lonely and urgy and hurting. My back has been killing me the last couple days. Not sure why though.