Sunday, November 22, 2009

not functioning very well

Been not really functioning lately. Feel like shit all the time. Have been leaning on my friends way too much and am so scared they'll get sick of me and go away forever. That is how life works after all.

I hurt all over all the time. And itch. I feel like a big acheing bruise. And so tired. Never have any energy at all. I just want to die.

My mom and grandma are constantly nagging me about coloring my hair but they just do not understand how bad the migraines are the damn dye causes and according to them the natural ones everyone else said to try aren't good enough. Nothing is good enough.

Danielle and JohnJohn have gone waaaaaaay above and beyond anything I deserve and been there for me a LOT. I need to pull away from them before its too late.

Almost got to go to Disneyland on friday but grandma decided we couldn't. It's frustrating and depressing.

Everything is frustrating, depressing and hopeless.