Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas is coming

It's almost Christmas. It's snuck up but now I just want it to be over with. It still hurts when I think about the fact that I wasn't even invited to decorate the tree with my family. I had been looking forward to that. I went to target and dollar tree today and I guess I'm done shopping now even though there is much much more I wish I could buy for my family and friends.

I've had to sign a lot of papers lately. Between housing authority and the mental health clinic I'm being transferred to. I'm waiting to see if the person named Cliff who runs the groups I'm supposed to start gonig to is going to return my call. They want me to start going to two groups on wednesday mornings from 10-11 and 11-12. I have never gotten much of anything out of stuff that early in the day.

I still haven't made a medical doctor appointment. I keep finding ways to put if off still. It probably wont be until the new year when I am able to face a doctor.

I finally have started wrapping presents. My neighbor on the other side of the brick wall stopped by with a bag of homemade cookies covered in cinnamon sugar and a little box of three kids of lip gloss in a box that has a mirror built in.

I am on my period but went shopping two days in a row anyways. Dollar Tree, Target, Kohls, and Walmart. I found the chocolate oranges we couldn't find anywhere last year. I also bought a few boxes of chocolate covered cherries for neighbors and anyone else who gives me a gift.


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I hope all went well.