Tuesday, February 23, 2010

brides maid and about to upgrade my computer

I'm just going through the motions. I know nothing I do or don't do wont be

good enough for this world. I'll never be able to function properly for the

way the world works. I'm a loser and always have been and always will be. I

don't ever have the energy to even truly try.

On sunday the 21st Marcie came over and then goofio, his sister natalie,

brianna and bella picked us up and we met john and danielle at sonic. the food

there is not nearly as good as we hoped it would be. john and danielle and

marcie then came back to my place. marcie had to be home by dinner time but

john and danielle stayed until like close to midnight. danielle asked me to be

a brides maid. we looked online at wedding stuff and went to starbucks and

then to a little grocery store i'll never go in again. i bought cough syrup

and cough drops. the store smelled like cats and was dirty and had expired


within the next day or two i plan to upgrade to windows 7. hopefully that wont

be too hard and i'll be back onlne within a few hours. i have no one i can

call for help with this kind of thing tho so i'm scared. i'm almost done

saving everything i want off this computer.