Tuesday, March 23, 2010

march ramblings

It's march. March means mom's birthday. Danielle's birthday and it means april 3 is getting near. i hate april 3.

It's been a busy week. Had to pick up the kids from school all week. So exhausted. I just want to curl up and go to sleep and never ever wake up. i've been trying to clean but i get no where.

On Saturday march 13 mom, the twins, me and dillon and his girlfiend vann all went to Knotts berry farm. It was not exactly a fun day. It was miserable. Hannah was such a pain the entire day putting all of us in bad moods.

on sunday, moms actual birthday i talked to her on the phone. i went out to dinner with john, danielle, goofio and brianna and then they all came back to my place for a little while.

i got a new phone. it's a purple motorola rival. i dont really like it. it would be a little more worth the frustration if i had any of the features its meant for, ilke TEXT MESSAGING. I swear I'm the only one I know besides my mom of course who doesn't have texting yet. Even Dillon has it now. Mom let him add it to his phone as long as he pays her the $10 a month...which she knows he won't do. but she wouldn't spend $20 a month to get it on all three phones. whatever. i just dont get it.

so many things i've left out but i just cant keep up with even my own life even tho its a boring mostly uneventful life.