Friday, April 9, 2010

29th birthday and Easter

My birthday and easter have now come and gone thankfully. On friday April 2 I went to Red Robin with Daneille, John, Emma, Goofio, Brianna and little Bella. Danielle gave me a card with $25 Best Buy gift card in it. Sergio gave me a card with $25 American Express in it. Emma gave me a bag of a bunch of different candy. Danielle bought me an alcohol drink with dinner. Since John used the coupon I had for a free burger they paid for my cheese sticks. Then John, Danielle and Emma and I went to karaoke at the English pub.
On Saturday evening Marcie and Eddie came over to my place and so did John and Danielle and we got Hungry Howies pizza and watched my mom's wedding video. Marcie gave me a $100 American Express gift card and a scratcher ticket from her whole family. She also gave me the Christmas/birthday stuff for my siblings. They gave Kylee and Dillon each a card with scratcher tickets in them for their birthdays and Hannah and Daniel each a Disney tshirt for Christmas. I took them to my siblings on Easter. Dillon, Kylee and my mom each called me at some point during the day to tell me happy birthday.

On Sunday I went to my mom's house. Mom gave me $60. Grandma gave me $40. I'm going to use the money to buy stuff I need at Costco (toilet paper etc) Mom made tacos. I got a chocolate bunny and $25 for the "cheap" movie theater from the Easter Bunny. Mom made 4 cheese cakes for my birthday and I got one of them for myself. Then Dillon and I went to Yogurtland where his girlfriend works and I stuffed my face. We took seperate cars and I went home from there and he gave Vann a ride home.

The twins each got a Toshiba laptop for Easter and a few dvds. I spent most of sunday afternoon working with the twins with their new computers.

On Wednesday Danielle and I went shopping. I used the gift cards from my friends to buy a Belkin coolmat thingy. It's a fan my computer sits on and it plugs into the usb port so the computer itself powers the fan. I also bought a WD MyBook Essential 1TB external hard drive. These were the two things that my friends actually intended their gift cards to be used for because it's things I've talked about wanting/needing for quite some time so I was able to actually get them now.

I've tried to keep up a positive attitude but I feel like shit all the time. Nothing ever goes right and when something does it never lasts and then I end up worse off than before. My butt hurts from this damn couch. The couch is at least 22 years old and is breaking down. I can feel the supports of the couch through whats left of the cushions. The cousins have several rips in them and stains and the wicker sides are all splintered and crap. I'm sorry I didn't take good enough care of the couch. Grandma says it was in perfect condition when she gave it to me when I moved here about 3 years ago. It was in better shape then yes but I dont think it was perfect. But it's my fault it is a crappy as it is. I am too hard on everything I touch.