Thursday, August 5, 2010

Writing prompt - Asimov writes, I.....

Isaac Asimov was born in Russia on January 2, 1920.  In the book "Writing Down the Days: 365 Creative Journaling Ideas For Young People" by Lorriane M. Dahlstrom one of the prompts says:

Asimov really likes so write.  He likes it so much that he does it every day.  Write about something you like to do so much that you'd be willing to do it everyday.  Tell why you like this activity, how long you've liked it, and describe any special materials or things you need to do it.

There are several things I like to do enough I would be willing to do it everyday.
One is reading.  I pretty much do read every day.  A great variety of things.
Another is farmville.  I play farmville every day and am currently at level 86.
Someone I wish I could do every day is Disneyland.  Well maybe not EVERY day but several times a week.  That would involve way more money than I have, and living closer.  I currently live about 45 minute by freeway from Disneyland Resort.  It would also require a better physical condition than my body is in.  I wouldn't need to spend ALL day there but a few hours at a time several times a week would be lovely.  I love the environment there.  It's kept clean, and people are all there to have a nice time.  The people who work there are overall exceptional and make my day all the better.  I always am in a better mood there.  And every time I go, no matter how often, there is something new to experience.