Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and Nanowrimo Day 1- 1845 words and counting.

After only sleeping about 2 hours I got to Danielle's house just after 1pm.  Danielle drove herself, her mom, and myself over to pick up John and then on to the movie theater.  I used one of my last two $5 gift certificates and added a dollar to get my ticket.  We saw the 2:15pm showing of "Life as We Know It".  The movie was pretty good.  Had a lot more sad parts than I thought it would.  There was a staticy  speaker near us in the theater that was quite distracting.  The popcorn was good with the Kernel Seasons Parmesan and Garlic topping.  We then took Linda home and went over to the house where Emma is house sitting.  There is no internet or tv there.  They have computers and they have a tv but neither are hooked up.  We ordered pizza and then left Emma there and ran over to Target to get some candy in case there were any trick or treaters.  They bought 2 bags of chocolates and we had a total of 3 trick or treaters come to the door.  We ate the rest of the candy.  I bought a box of little debbie brownies and a box of donut holes...writing fuel.  It came up to just under $4.  We spent half the evening telling John stories so I could get more detailed notes (I brought my computer with me) and then we played Scrabble.  John found Scrabble a very stressful game and will probably never want to play again.  Danielle won by quite a few points and me and Emma tied for second.

It was about 12:30am when I got home which meant that NaNoWriMo had officially started.  I did a quick skim through email and facebook and started writing at 1am.  By 2:15am I had 1845 words completed.  In order to finish 50,000 words in 30 days you need to write 1667 words a day.  If I give myself 2 days off (which would probably include Thanksgiving and hopefully a trip to Disneyland since my voucher expires early next month) I would have to write 1786 words a day.  So I've got a pretty good start.  I may write more later today.  Will just have to see how the day goes.  It being the first of the month I have to pay my rent either today or by tomorrow.