Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spend Valentines day writing with us!

Do you like to write?  Do you want to meet up with other people who write in a casual environment?  Every second and fourth Tuesday of each month is a nice little writing group at the Village Book Shop in Glendora, California.  Every one is welcome at this group.  We meet from six pm until nine pm but people can show up at any time and leave at any time.
Our next meeting happens to fall on Valentines day.  If you have no plans for that silly Hallmark holiday come and join us!
What do we do at this group?  We bring our laptops and we write.  We chat and socialize.  We give each other suggestions when asked, helping each other out of writers block or just stumbling blocks in our writing.  We do some online research as needed.  Some times we drink coffee and sometimes we eat snacks. Some weeks we get more writing done than other weeks.  We are open to suggestions on how to improve the group.  Would you like to participate in writing dares or challenges?  Would you prefer to just work on your own project in a fresh environment with friendly and understanding people around?  We can do that!

The Village Book shop has a locked internet connection but the password is available to those who attend the group.  The owner of the book shop is Deborah Gould.  She is extremely welcoming and enthusiastic.  The most gracious of hosts. The shop is located in the hard of the quiet little town with the Gumdrop trees.  There is ample parking on the street since most of the shops in the area close at six as well as a good sized and well lit  free public parking lot right next to the book store.  The book shop is clean, bright, well organized, and very welcoming.  There are seating options such as a couch or tables and chairs.  There are plenty of power strips available.  There is a machine that makes several types of coffee as well as hot chocolate inside the bookstore.
The Village Book shop offers both new and used books as well as dvds.  If they do not have some thing in stock they will do every thing they can to find it for you.
This sounds like an advertisement for the book shop.  I am not an employee of the shop and do not receive any kind of compensation for advertising for the shop.  I am a fan of the shop and a long time customer. 

 Their website has not been updated in quite some time but they do send out a monthly newsletter by email.  I have copied the February newsletter out of my email and pasted it here (without permission but I do not think the store owners will mind):

February Newsletter

What a way to close out January! Black Box Books' presentation ofThe Elephant Man, a portrayal of John Merrick's life, stirred the emotions of everyone present. This beautifully staged and acted reading touched the hearts, minds and souls of all who attended.

DO NOT MISS Raisin in the Sun, with it's poignant story about an African American family and it's struggles in 1951, on Sunday Feb. 26 at 2pm. Make your reservations early.

2012 looks to be a very spiritual year. Check in on the first Wednesday of the month, Feb. 1, with Phyllis Douglass as we explore individual spirituality. On Feb. 7, a book discussion involving The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart will enlighten attendees about Dahn Yoga meditation and spiritual health.
Power of Poetry, Feb. 10, will focus on personal experiences of war in honor of the Glendora War Memorial -- this year's partner with the Wine Walk, held the same evening.

 Local authors, Greg Morton (Fury of the Bear) and Maryann Keck (Vladie: Story of a Trainer's Dog) will be sharing their new works with us on Feb. 11 and Feb. 25, respectively. Those who have great new works inside them need to attend Creative Writer's Workshop, the Tuesday night Write-Ins and Monday night Literary Critique sessions. 

Be sure to scroll down to see the rest of the calendar (which is chock-full of goodies) and check out great info about DVDs. 

Please feel free to contribute to this newsletter by emailing us at We  look forward to "seeing" from you.

Deborah Gould - Owner
Ken Salzman - Outreach Coordinator
Village Book Shop 

Latest Deals

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February Calendar:
Stop by Village Book Shop
and pick up the calendar for February:

Feb 1 - Phyllis Douglass - 7pm  
Feb 2 - Creative writing workshop - 7pm   
Feb 4 - Murder Mystery dinner/show - 6:30pm - Saturday       
Feb 6 - Trivia Club - 7pm  
Feb 7 - Dahn Yoga Book Discussion "The Call of Sedona -  
             the Journey of the heart" - 7pm
Feb 9 - General Book Club 7pm
Feb 9 - Creative writers workshop - 7pm
Feb 10 - Power of Poetry - 7pm
Feb 10 - The Village Wine Walk - 6-9pm  
Feb 11 - Youth Book Club 1pm 
Feb 11 - Author Greg Morton - The Fury of the Bear - 2:30pm    
Feb 12 - Craft Circle - 2:30pm  
Feb 13 - Literary Critique - 7pm   
Feb 14 - Write-In 6-9pm
Feb 16 - Creative writing Workshop - 7pm  
Feb 18 - Creative Writers' open mic - 6pm
Feb 20 - Trivia Club - 7pm   
Feb 22 - Conservancy public Open Forum - 7pm (Call ahead)  
Feb 23 - Murder Mystery Book Club - 7pm
Feb 23 - Creative Writing Workshop - 7pm
Feb 25 - Author Maryann Keck - Vladie: Story of a Trainer's Dog -  
Feb 26 - Black Box Books presents "Raisin in the Sun" 2pm
Feb 27 - Literary Critique - 7pm   
Feb 28 - Tuesday Morning Book Club - 10am   
Feb 28  - Write in - 6-9pm 


Book Clubs
Bypass the new apps and electronic gizmos for a truly interactive and satisifying experience.  Join one of our book clubs to meet others as intellectually exciting as yourself and get 15% off book club books.
  Tuesday Morning Book Club   

02/28/12  - 10am

    Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese 

Evening Book Club
02/09/12 - 7 pm
    Mornings on Horseback by David McCullough  

Murder Mystery Book Club 
02/23/12 - 7 pm

Slipping into Darkness 
by Peter Blauner 
  Youth Book Club   

02/12  - 2pm

The Invention of Hugo Cabret
By Brian Selznick 

This is for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders who are reading beyond their level. 

Author Event
02/11/12 - 2:30 pm

The Fury of the Bear 
by Greg Morton   

The Fury of the Bear is the first novel to feature Virgil "Bear" Ryan, a seasoned paramedic, sheriff's deputy and mountain rescuer, and his tight knit team from Colorado. A sixty year old plane crash in the Andes Mountains brings Elizabeth Rush, a well polished and well financed woman to their door, with a big job of salvaging the site, but very little information regarding its importance. The salvage of clues at the crash site has also put in motion The Fox, an expatriate American who makes his living in the dangerous world of high level espionage. When their paths collide at high altitude, the race to find an ancient treasure results in an avalanche of action and adventure! 

Author Event

02/25/12 - 2:30pm pm

Vladie: Story of a Trainer's Dog 
By Maryann Keck 
I looked at her brown eyes and she was giving me her canine smile. "What?" I said. She closed her mouth and cocked her head to one side while those big ears stood at attention.
This is a story of a dog, my special dog. I hope her story will make you  laugh, too.

Come meet Maryann Keck and share your stories. 
02/07/12  - 7pm

The Call of Sedona Journey of the Heart  By Ilchi Lee


"Anyone can become the master of their emotions by experiencing the true spirit of Sedona -- even without stepping onto Sedona's soil, " says Ilchi Lee, author, Dahn yoga founder, and meditation teacher. 

Members of Dahn Yoga meditation circles will be demonstrating the century's-old, energy-based breathing and meditation techniques.  

Come experience this book. Get before and after pictures of your aura.

When we are in control of our emotions through meditation, we create better communities.




Phyllis Douglass
"Getting in Touch with Spirit"

Feb. 1 - Wednesday
7 pm

Come to an evening of spiritual rejuvenation and growth. A safe place to talk about other aspects of reality. Requested donation $11, but no one will be turned away.  

Murder Mystery Dinner
Feb. 4 - 6:30pm
murder mystery

Audition for Murder

Philip Marlowe is taking a break from his detective work
to produce and direct a film he wrote.
He has invited the most famous stars to audition:   
Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Errol
Flynn, Grace Kelly, Peter Lorre and YOU.

Be sure to attend this casting call for what will be the next    Academy Award winning

Craft services (The Village Eatery) will provide
  a three-course dinner during this MURDEROUSLY fun show!  
 Held at Village Eatery
221 N Glendora Ave.

Tickets are $55/person
Ask about group rates 
Reservations call 626-852-1777  

"Raisin in the Sun"
A staged Reading 
Talk back with the Actors

Feb. 26, 2012
Sunday - 2pm 

Tickets at the Kirk Douglas Theatre inCulver City: $50 
Tickets at  
Village Book Shop: $15 
Your time and MoneySaved: Priceless 

 Raisin in the Sun portrays a few weeks in the life of the Youngers, an African-American family living on the South Side of Chicago in the 1950s. When the play opens, the Youngers are about to receive an insurance check for $10,000. This money comes from the deceased Mr. Younger's life insurance policy. Each of the adult members of the family has an idea as to what he or she would like to do with this money.   





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