Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random wish list tonight

Relief from pain
Traffic ticket taken care of
Someone to help me clean my apartment
Membership to Darren Hayes fan club (Delicacy)
A doctor that can actually help me
Life to end
Costco gift cards
gas station gift cards
grocery gift cards
Mechanic to check out/fix any issues my car is having
ipod touch (mobile internet!  I’m so behind times!)
tablet (computer)


Anonymous said...

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vBrian said...
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vBrian said...

Hello Blue! We chatted on the NaNoWriMo chat. I remade the program (it took me a couple hours ... times minimum wage :)). Here is the site: www.vbrian.com (v stands for virtual) it is the "input" link on that page. Tell me if you like it! (or not, too!) Have fun with NaNoWriMo and as always take care!

-Mathfantasia (a "dot" tutor "at" me.com)