Friday, November 18, 2005

Which is most important to you--being popular, accomplishing things, being organised--and why?

Being popular is not very important to me at all. I never have been and never will be popular. I have friends, good friends, but I'm far from popular and it doesn't matter. Being organized, however, is important to me. It drives me nuts, depresses me, and makes me anxious how unorgainzed my room is. I want/need it to be organized but I just don't have the patience to get organized anymore. It sucks. Most important to me is accomplishing things. I need to accomplish something everyday, perferably more than just one or two things a day. They can be small accomplishments (i.e. showering, using my votes on e2, writing a paragraph for a node, getting some email sent, etc). I get really depressed when I don't have anything to show for my time. I feel useless, helpless, hopeless, anxiety, and a strong urge to self-injure. Today I didn't accomplish much. I plan on taking a shower after ER goes off, and everyone in the house has gone to sleep.



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