Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Danielle graduated college, and I have a dentist appointment

I haven't done anything the last couple of days. I was up for like 35+ hours or so Friday/Saturday and went to Danielle's college graduation. We were sitting in the sun for a few hours and I forgot to wear a hat. I had a bad headache all day. After the graduation Sergio and Brianna met us at an Italian resturant. There were nine of us total at the resturant. Danielle, her mom, her grandma, John, Marcie, Eddie, Goofio, Brianna, and myself.

I found out on thursday when I went to radio shack that the headphones I've bought for years from them are no longer being made/sold by radioshack and I haven't been able to find any like them. They are the kind that goes on the ears, not in and not around. They have a plastic piece that goes over the top of the head. They also have a volume control on the cord and the cord is like 16ft long.

I have a dentist appointment today and should try to get some sleep before then. My appointment is at 2pm and its already after 8am.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

We are smug

I really need to start blogging more often. It's not like I've been doing much else. This week has been pretty busy though. My mom finally got the storage unit cleaned out. I have several boxes cluttering up my livingroom and bedroom now from it. She's got tons of boxes on the concrete in their back yard to do something with. Mom got hired for a job in a grocery store meat department. I spent all day thursday at their house because I took kids to school and picked kids up from school while she went to an orientation thing.

Today I am going to Danielle's graduation from the University of La Verne. I am meeting Marcie at Danielee's house by 2:30pm. I should have been asleep hours ago. Kylee got me to give her $5 for a car wash fundraiser she's doing with the choir at Citrus and its from 8am-1pm so I gotta get over there before one and its already a quarter til 8am and I haven't slept. I've got a headache but at this point I'm not sure I can sleep and be able to get up in time to do the car wash and the graduation. I've been working on a list all night.

I dont' think I've posted about We Are Smug yet. Darren Hayes and his writing partner released an album as "We Are Smug" and put it online for free download. It can be downloaded here and listened to here. My favorite song on the album is the last one, "The Pressure". I've yet to get any written lyrics though.
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