Friday, February 11, 2011

February 10

I spent the day mostly resting.  I talked to grandma a bit on the phone but she was not in the mood to chat.  I am planning on going to Disneyland first thing on Friday morning so thursday night means preparing.  Showering needs doing.  Backpack needs putting together.  Weather needs to be checked so clothes can be picked out.  I talked to John early in the afternoon.  He called and talked to me about American Idol while he was heading to work.  There's a guy on there this season who we know.  Clint Gamboa.  He's the guy that won the karaoke contest we judged.  He was the first one they showed audition in San Fransisco:

I'm going to text my new Disneyland friend Dominick in the morning and we'll meet up at the park.  We met at the Micechat weekend.  I was originally gonna also meet up with another micechatter there but the whole drama llama thing is a bit more than i wanna deal with i think so don't know whats happening there.  Now time to get moving!



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