Monday, August 1, 2011

August first, less than a week until the twins are 8

So it is a new month.  My computer has been with Best Buy's geek squad for nearly two weeks.  I'm using Marcie's old laptop which is slow but it works for the most part.  There are several things I cannot do with it like farmville or for the most part youtube etc but I have managed to be able to check email and pay bills and such so thats good and I'm very thankful to Marcie for loaning this to me as well as for backing up all the data from mine so it can be restored when I get it back.

My pain level has been extremely high lately.  And the depression has gotten worse and the inside people louder.  SSI has been reduced so there's another stress when I already couldn't afford things like groceries.

I finally received the registration sticker for my car today.  I will have to get it on there tomorrow.  I paid the rent and sent out the check for the car loan today.

I have a new tv.  It is a 32 inch Sony Bravia from grandma.  A brand new, not a hand me down, tv of my very own.  She got Kylee one too since Kylee recently moved out of the family home to live with her friend.  I currently have half a dozen tvs in my livingroom and at least one in the bedroom.  The only one hooked up is the new one.  I need to get someone to help me hook up one of the old sorta-working tvs in the bedroom since I pay for direct tv but have no way to use it in the bedroom since there is not a working television in that room.

I took the literacy training program at Monrovia library and started the application process but have yet to hear back.  I've been helping on tuesdays with the field trips to the movies and the park for the Peanuts Playhouse.  There's usually about a dozen kids ranging in age from 2 to 12 on those trips.  We see the dollar kids movie and then walk across the street to the park where the kids eat their packed lunches and play.  Dinorah's friend owns the day care.  Dinorah usually runs over to wendy's or something and gets us lunch.

I tried to do Camp Nano in July but the computer problems led to that being a failure.  I'm attempting again this month.  I've gotten about 2k words written today into googledocs.  it's slow going and frustrating since the computer is so slow i have to wait for it to catch up to whatever i type and often what i type never actually shows up and i have to back track.