Saturday, January 10, 2009

First real blog entry of 2009

It’s been a really long time since I actually posted a blog entry. Christmas and new years came and went. My mom went nuts with Christmas. The twins got a swingset. Kylee got a Dell Inspiron laptop. Dillon got a really high-end camera. I got a Wii and a Wii Fit. We all got many other things as well.

One of the twins got me a little tool set in a plastic box shaped like a hammer. The other got me these 3 little ceramic (or some kind of breakable) bears. Dillon got me a pretty blue blouse (that I haven’t worn yet) and a set of 5 tins of fruit flavored green teas. Pear, Strawberry, Raspberry, Kiwi, and Orange. Kylee got me an adapter so I can listen to my ipod through my cassette player in the car, 2 sets of thermals, 4 pairs of cute socks, and 2 Robin William films on DVD (Man of the Year and Flubber).

Besides the Wii and Wii Fit I also had many other gifts under the tree from mom and of course Santa Claus. In my stocking I had the usual cookies and candies including a bag of Pepperidge Farm Mint Millano cookies (my favorite!). There was also a $10 gift certificate for the cheap movie theater near the college. Under the tree was the book The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowlin. I got a 4GB flash drive. A pedometer. Rascal Flatts Greatest Hits Volume 1 CD, two of Jeff Dunham’s DVDs (Arguing with myself and Very special Christmas Special), and some clothes. A pink tinker bell sweat jacket, 2 pairs of jeans (blue and black), a gray Happy Bunny sweatshirt that says Whatever on it, a white Elmo sweatshirt, and a long sleeve pink blouse. I also got a VCR/DVD player.

On Christmas eve Santa came and visited with us and brought in a bag mom had set out with a gift for each of us. We took pics with him and he and the “elf” were both funny and it was a nice visit. I got the other book I was really wanting which is “Multiple Blessings” by Jon and Kate Gosselin with someone else as well.

After Santa came and went I took Dillon by Kmart (only store still open at that point) so he could get mom some perfume since he hadn’t gotten her anything yet since he couldn’t decide what to get. Then me and Dillon went to JohnJohn’s house. Kylee went to her girl friend Tricia’s house. At John’s we played a game called Boxers or Briefs and then did the white elephant gift exchange. I ended up with a candle and some bath salts. Dillon got lottery scratcher tickets. I think he won about $7 on them. I have been burning my Christmas cookie scented candle but have not tried the bath salt since I usually shower instead of takin actual baths.

I asked John and Danielle to come over on the 27th and they came over and helped me get the wii and my dvd player hooked up and JohnJohn got them both working and we played the wii fit for quite a while.

On New Years Eve John and Danielle picked me up and we went to Staters to get some snacks to take with us to Goofio and Brianna’s apartment. We had to drive way out through stinky dairy land to pick Emma up. Tricia and a lesbian couple were also at the apartment with their little dog. Brianna’s 4 year old daughter was there too as was their Chihuahua named Chacha. Their tv wasn’t working so we didn’t see the ball drop or anything. We sat around and munched on food and talked. There was a lot of alcohol being consumed but no one drove home drunk. Danielle only had a sip or two of a drink called Hot Sex or something like that. I had a glass of it. It’s kind of chocolatey and alcoholic. It was just one glass and I nursed it for quite a long time because I wasn’t sure how my stomach would react to alcohol now. I didn’t get even buzzed and I didn’t really have any more problems with my stomach than I do any other day.

I’ve tried to use the Wii fit every day. At first I was doing it 15 minutes a day. It has a little bank where it credits you minutes for each activity you do. It can take like half an hour for 15 minutes credit with instructions and going from activity to activity. Now I try to do 30 minutes a day and occasionally even do 45 minutes. I am sooooo sore now. All over. Especially my stomach.

John and Danielle brought over a friend of theres one night this past weekend. I am nice to this girl they brought but do not really care much for her. She is selfish. When I met her once before at JohnJohn’s nephew’s birthday party in the summer she insisted I give her a ride home when I left the party early because I was in so much pain I needed to get home and lay down and I didn’t have the energy in me to argue with her so I took her home, way out of my way and got lost and was so miserable and she didn’t even really say thank you. The Wii told me yesterday it was her birthday. I’m pretty sure she and John and Daniel and who knows who else went to Vegas this weekend to celebrate her 21st birthday.

Also a note to anyone in my address book: The invite to Winster went to entire email address book by mistake including the blog! I am so mad about that. Sorry to anyone who received an unwanted invite.



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