Sunday, January 18, 2009

My brother is an adult!

For Dillon's 18th birthday I picked him up from school at lunch time and we went to Arby's and then headed to Disneyland Resort. The parks were not busy at all which was nice. He got a $69 disney gift card to use for merchandise within the parks and bought himself a hat and a tshirt and I spent part of it on a new necklace thingy to carry my annual pass and fastpasses in when we are there and several postcards. I am going to pay him back for those. After the park closed at 8pm we went to City Hall on Main Street and got directions to Sonic Drive-in resturant and ate there. Then we got majorly lost driving home and had to ask for directions twice, neither of the people we asked spoke english very well and made me even more confused.

On friday night I went over to their house for pizza and cake. I came home and worked on a list.

On Saturday night John, Danielle, and their friend Britney came over and we ordered pizza and played Wii Fit and Life: Twists and turns. I won the board game this time.



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