Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have recently discovered last.fm. It is a website that keeps

track of what you listen to and you can see what your friends are

listening to and see how compatable you are musically with them. It

also lets you stream music and makes recommendations for other music

you may like. It involves installing software but hasn't seemed to

cause any problems with my computer.

I've been trying to get all my music into itunes and properly

labeled. I only have 3300 songs on my ipod but have nearly 4500 on

itunes currently. Need to transfer them to the ipod but want to fix

as many of the tags as possible first. Next time I plug my ipod

into the computer I also plan to move some videos I've taken and

photos onto it.

Speaking of photos I need to upload all the Christmas pictures and New Years and Dillon's birthday pictures to the computer and have a lot of pictures I haven't uploaded to photobucket yet either. There are many many things I haven't done I want or need to get done.



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