Sunday, September 27, 2009

its been hectic

Been hectic lately. Sergio's dad passed away. I spent one day at the apartment sergio and brianna were living in helpiong them clean up and prepare for the guests who would be coming from as far as Nebraska and el salvador. I went to the viewing and then the funeral. John, Danielle, Emma, Goofio, Brianna and I all went to red robin afterwards. I've started taking the twins to school a few days a week while mom is at work. Housing Authority sent out an inspector on wednesday for my annual inspection. Thursday was a wal-mart trip. Friday was a long day at Disneyland resort. It was the first day of Halloween time. They have a really neat halloween fireworks show this year and changed space mountain to "space mountain ghost galaxy" which is neat. Uses projects of mummy like ghosts that follow you through the ride and a creepy soundtrack.

On monday I will be going to another funeral. Danielle's grandma passed away. She was a very nice woman. On wednesday the gas company is coming out to light the pilot in my heater so that I can get some kind of documentation from them to fax to housing authority saying the heater is in working order.

Today I spent most of the day asleep because the headache was so bad and my entire body hurt really bad. It'll take a few days to recover from Disneyland. I was already sore and achey before the trip.

well i'll try to write more soon. cant think well enough at the moment.