Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sometimes I just sit here on the couch and don't even know why I'm crying. By sometimes I mean everyday. I wish no one loved me. I wish no one cared about me. Then I'd have no reason to have to keep going day after day. It could be over.

I am so sick of feeling like shit. I am no good for anyone or anything. I really hate it. I hate what I am. I hate when people who I knew years ago ask me what I've been up to. I hate when people ask what I do for a living. I hate when people ask what do you do with your time. I hate listening to people talk about how great things are. I'm jealous. I look at facebook and see all these people I went to school with. They all seem so happy. So successful. I haven't seen any of these people for 9 years. What have I accomplished in the last year? College? No. Work experience? No. Love? No. Sucess? No.

How do I answer the "what have you been up to?" question. I'm ashamed of the fact that I sit home all day playing stupid games on facebook or just staring at the tv while the governemt sends me money each month and then I have the gall to complain that I don't have enough money. Last week John and Danielle invited me to come to karaoke with them but I didn't have enough money to even buy myself a soda and not enough gas in my car to go anywhere. They changed their plans so that instead of going to the place they wanted to they went to a place near my house and picked me up on the way and then paid for my shirley temple. I don't understand why I'm worth bothering with? I know the answer though. They feel sorry for me. My friends are friends only out of pity. They will deny this but inside I know it's true.

I never ever shut up. I ramble on and on anytime and any place there is. Chatrooms, phone calls to my mom and grandma, in email replies, etc. Yet I never really say anything. I ramble on and on about Disneyland or Darren Hayes. Randomly typing lyrics into #bus etc even though I know I'm just annoying people and they mostly just ignore me anyways. I'm sorry. This is just how I manage to pass the time. I just can't seem to actually do anything useful or productive at all. I fear that this will never end because I was a terrible person and now this is hell. Then I fear that this is NOT hell and how much worse it will be when I really do get there.

I know my mom and my grandma love me very much and will do just about anything for me, and do. And honestly I wish they wouldn't. I do not deserve it. I wish I could do many things for my family. But I have nothing to give even though they deserve it. My mom has made so many sacrifices my entire life and no one knows how much my heart hurts when I think about what she don't have.