Thursday, September 10, 2009

who knows

On friday me and Dillon went to Disneyland with the main purpose/goal of seeing "Murphy" in Fantasmic! We ended up lost on the way there cuz I'm an idiot. We finally go t there tho and the park was not very busy and we were able to do quite a few attractions in both parks.

Fantasmic! was AWESOME. The dragon performed perfectly. The whole show went off really well with only a couple very very minor technical glitches that went mostly unoticed. Kylee, her girlfriend Shay, and that girls mom and brother all met us there and watched Fantasmic! with us.

On sunday Marcie and Eddie came over for a few hours bringing with them Burger King. It's always fun hanging out with them. Anyone who thinks I talk a lot has never spent much time with Eddie.

The sink is full of dishes because I'm too nausious to get them washed lately. I am so sick of feeling so shitty. Feel weak all over and nausious and tired and achey and on the verge of tears like all the damn time.

I just want to die. I don't want to face anymore pain or anymore frustration or anymore blech.