Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cleaning cleaning cleaning

I have organized my closet.  I have moved the bed, cleaned out everything under it, dry and wet swiffered where the bed sits and put the bed back.  I've cleaned out the corner between the dresser and the nightstand, moved the night stand out and cleaned the floor there too and put the nightstand back.  I've organized all the dresser drawers. 

There's still a million things to every room.  The inspector comes tomorrow morning.  I have a matter of hours to get the apartment looking spic and span.  I started my bedroom before I got the letter but it's taken a long long time to get anywhere. 

I've got all the dishes washed at this point. 

I'm trying to get my whole place organized, starting with the bedroom.  I've made progress finally.  So much is left to do in there tho and everywhere in this place. 

On top of the organizing tho I need to clean.  And the cleaning needs to be done TONIGHT since the letter I received from Housing Authority says:

"This notice is to advise you that a housing inspection will be conducted on 07/21/2010 between 7:30am and 4:30pm"

Things that must be done before the inspector arrives:

  • Clean tub
  • Clean toilet
  • Clean mirror
  • Clean bathroom sink
  • Clean kitchen sink
  • Clean stove
  • Clean bathroom floor
  • Clean kitchen floor
  • Straighten livingroom
  • Straighten kitchen
  • Hide dirty laundry
  • Empty bathroom trash
  • Take all trash out
  • Make bedroom presentable
  • Straignten hallway
  • Clean counters
  • wipe off washer and dryer
  • Wipe down inside fridge?
  • Swiffer livingroom?
  • swiffer bedroom?
  • Make myself presentable (get dressed, brush teeth and hair, etc)