Saturday, February 5, 2011

February 1 and 2

So the month has begun.  Tuesday the first I was still too tired and sore to bother doing anything.  Just laid around wasting time.  Put off chores and paying bills or doing anything.  Just spent all day in bed with a bit of poking around online.

On Wednesday the second I was up fairly early.  Dinorah and I went for a short walk with sparky to my mail box.  Talked a bit.  She knew I was awake because she saw me post a farmville thing on facebook.
Later in the day I finally got myself over to pay rent.  Talked to my landlord Lucy for a little while.  She's fun to talk to.  I gave her my rent check and she gave me to alvocados off of her tree.
When I went to leave I could not get my car to start.  It wouldn't do anything so I went back up to the door and asked Lee to look at it.  The battery was the problem.  By this time the mechanics had gone home since it was a quarter to five pm but he managed to get my car working by using jumper cables to reconnect my battery.  The battery was all corroded really bad and the thing that is supposed to hold the battery to the rest of the car was broken.
I prepared myself to have to face a mechanic first thing thursday morning.



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