Monday, February 7, 2011

February 3, 4,

On Thursday the third I took my car over to a the electrical mechanic to fix my car.  It only took him a few hours and I put the $170.91 charge unto my credit card.  Dinorah ran me over to pick my car back up when he was done.  The mechanic had given me a ride back to my house.
I ended up sleeping from late afternoon until after eight or so at night.  I did not accomplish anything around the house really as usual.
Spent a lot of time on micechat.

The next day was friday.  A weekend night but in my life what does the day matter?  every day is basically the same.  i was home i was alone.  i was online.  i accomplished nothing.  i am useless and hopeless.  I dont know why i bother.  why face any days.  whats the point.  i wish i knew.



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