Friday, January 13, 2006

Kylee's recital and other things

I'm sitting here listening to Darren Hayes' album, The Tension and The Spark. We (mom, Dillon, the twins, and myself) to Best Buy today and bought a computer for Dillon and Kylee. It came up to $1054 I think. That means I don't have to let them use mine all the time, so this is a good thing.

Last night we went to Kylee's musical theatre recital. Kylee did really good on her song, "Everything's coming up roses" even tho she hates that song. John and Danielle came to see it with us. Dillon went to a friend's house instead. After the show John, Danielle, myself, and Kylee went to Denny's. We laughed a lot. I'm down to almost nothing on my spending money for the month.

I cut today. Just 50 scratches really, on my upper legs. Stings a little. I want to cut deeper, I want a sharper blade. I need to cut more.

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