Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Kylee's taking over my room

I'm feeling really aggravated right now. Every time I stop using the computer for a few seconds, such as to look at my tv, (which, by the way, Kylee has now taken over) Kylee says things like "Can I use the computer since you're not using it?" I am using it damnit. This is MY room and MY computer. I paid for the computer and I pay rent every month to keep this room. I know Kylee doesn't have a room of her own but that's mom's fault, not mine. I just want to be left alone. I don't like her sitting behind me. I don't like being pressured to either use or get off my computer. It's MINE! not Kylee's or anyone elses. I can't ask her or tell her to go away. She'll get mad and go pout or cry, then grandma will be mad at me.

I want everyone in this house to just leave me alone and I want Harmony to get her butt off the couch and come talk to me. She went to take a nap like right before I got home from picking Kylee and Dillon up from school.

I'm hungry and I'm cranky. I'm fat and I have no energy. I want to be left alone and Kylee is taking over my personal space.

I just told Kylee "Why don't you go in grandma's room, there's nobody in there" and she slammed my remote control down on my printer and stormed out of the room. Now I feel guilty but I'm not going to go apologize to her. That'd just make things worse. I'm sorry I'm such a selfish bitch.



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