Sunday, July 23, 2006

It's too hot

The last several days it's been over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it was only about 102 today (only?! haha) but yesterday it was over 110. I'm so hot that I barely move. I'm hot, depressed, tired, thirsty, and lazy. My room is about as messy as it has ever been and mom and grandma are bitching about it but I just can't get myself to do anything. Even getting on the computer is a chore lately. I hate myself. I cut today. Nothing bad, just a few scratches. I've wanted to do more all evening but am too hot to put on dark clothing in case I get blood on my clothing.

I've got my headphones and am listening to Savage Garden rather loudly and singing along with it. Fortunatly when I do that I can't hear my self sing if I turn the headphones up high enough. This is a good thing because I'm a terrible singer.

I havne't been able to quench my thirst today...sodas, kool-aid, oj, flavored water...still thirsty. We don't have any cold bottled water and I hate warm water and I hate tap water.

Both of our refriderators are on the brink so nothing is kept very cold. It sucks and we don't have enough money between the three of us (mom, grandma, myself) to go buy one new fridge, let alone two. I've got like $13 in the bank. I don't know what I spent all my money on.



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