Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Today I'm having trouble distinguishing between what is happening in my head and whats happening in the world. Sounds, conversations, actions...

I made an appointment with my family doctor to get some kind of pain medicine for my back and ask about the dizzy spells I keep having. The appointment is this wednesday at 2:45pm. I'll probably go from the clinic to grandma's house because the office is real close to her house.

I feel so tired. I think I slept all night and when I got home from the clinic I slept for like three more hours I think. It's hard to even roll over in bed.

I want to SI as a pick-me-up. I know thats wrong. I know I'm not supposed to do that and I know it only works for a little while. I still want to do it though.

Tomorrow I think moms taking me to a place to get 200 lbs of food for $20 but I may have imagined the conversation.



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