Friday, March 9, 2007


This is like the third time today that I've had the hiccups. I hate having them. I get them all the time and don't know what causes them.

Tomorrow is a pj day I hope, unless my mom brings some stuff she dug out of the shed for me.

Sunday will be a pj day. Monday I have to be at the clinic by 9am for therapy with Kelly and Dr. Patel. After that is clubhouse. Then I get to go home, possibly sneak a nap in there before I work on some schoolwork and cleaning/unpacking. It's spring break so tuesday I only have to go to the clinic for living well group and not go to school. On wednesday I have to be at the clinc at 9:30am then home just like monday. Thursday will be a pj day I'm hoping. Friday will be another clinic day then home. It's gonna be a failry easy week I hope.



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