Friday, March 9, 2007

Graduating from clubhouse

I found out today that at the end of this month the clinic is having a clubhouse graduation and that I am one of several people who are graduating. Elaine and Pauline are graduating too. They are starting a new program on tuesdays and thursdays for those of us who are graduating. It'll be like the first hour of clubhouse, a time to socialize. It'll cut down the days I haveto be there from four days a week to two times a week. This is a good thing.

The other day Elaine gave me a set of towels. Christine gave me her old set of dishes she don't use anymore. Today Shirley, who I don't even really know very well asked me to take her home and go up to her apartment so she could give me a set of sheets. The sheets are pink. I truly appreciate the gifts my friends have given me. Pauline said she may come over a while on Wednesday. She'll be the first clinic friend to see my apartment. I'm both looking forward to her company and dreading it at the same time.



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