Thursday, May 17, 2007

My mom's surgery went fine

Today Grandma andI sat in the surgical waiting room for a couple hours while mom was in surgery and then in recovery. When I called Dillon he didn't even ask how mom was. When Kylee called me I tried to tell her how mom was and she didn't even want to hear. All Kylee cares about is Kylee. She wanted me to drive her to Tricia's house to give her a book or something and said she needed to get something from Tricia but that it was "personal" and wouldn't tell me what it was. I told her if she can't even tell me why she "needs" a ride over there I'm not going to go way out of my way to take her. So Kylee is mad at me again. When I picked Dillon up he did ask about mom. He wanted to know if he should tell his friend's he can't go to Universal Studios (a trip that's been planned for a few weeks now) so he could help with the twins. I'm going to go over there Sunday to help with them so Dillon can go with his friends. I dropped grandma and dillon off at home then went to school. I got a 6 out of 8 on my English Proficiency Exam (EPE) which is a passing grade. I criedd most of the way home and bawled the entire time I've been home thinking about how Kylee especially don't give a shit about our mom. So many things could have happened today, so many things there are that could have gone wrong during surgery and mom could have slipped away from us but Kylee didn't even want to hear when I tried to tell her mom was fine. Harmony cares more about my mom (who she's never even really talked to) than Kylee does. Harmony said she called four times today. The first thing she asked me when I finally was able to call her back was "How's your mom?" Harmony and Dawggy prayed for my mom. Kylee probably didn't even give a second thought about my mom today except for how mom's surgery and recovery is going to inconvience her. Sometimes I just want to smack her.

I'm going to go find the number for the hospital and see if I can call my mom and check in on her before it gets late. I love my mommy.



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