Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I missed Livingwell group yet again because I had a migraine so bad I could not see well enough to drive. Most of the day I have had to only look at the computer, tv, or book for short periods of time cuz my head hurts so bad.

Dr. Martin called and told me today was her last group so I will never see her again. There is a new therapist taking over the livingwell group that I have no met yet. I feel really bad about missing group again.

I feel like shit in general. The inhalor the pulmonologist gave me doesn't really doesn't do any good. I started topamax for migranes yesterday but it'll take at least a month to know if it'll even help. my stomach has been out of whack again. i'm depressed. i think thats mainly from being tired of feeling like shit. the inside people are pretty loud but no more than usual. i havent cut ina long time but its really really hard.

today i have to take the kids to school, mail dawggy my computer, and go to the dentist.

well i gotta do a couple things then try to catch a bit of sleep.



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