Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Long day yesterday

I dropped my PS2 on my toe like an hour ago and my toe still hurts pretty bad. I've been working on a list but as usual not really getting a whole lot accomplished. I never really do. Never really have. Never good enough. I wish I could go to bed but I have an eye doctor appointment today and then have to go over to mom's house since I'll be near them. Went to wal-mart yesterday with a $50 gift card I got from MyPoints and bought grandma some slippers that I have been trying to find since I returned the ones I got her she couldn't wear for Christmas. I also picked up dog food for them and shampoo for the twins. I got myself some dandruff shampoo, some hundred calorie coffee cakes, an adapter to get my Wii and DVD/VCR hooked up again now that I have Direct TV and the guy who installed it said they c an't be hooked up til i get one. blah. I also got some flavored water and some Carmex.

I had spaghetti over at grandma's house with them and helped the twins with their homework. Also took in the time warner boxes so I could get my account closed with them. It was a LONG day. Kylee drove all over in my car. Including two trips to Best Buy cuz she had to take her computer in to be fixed and didn't bring the power cord. Today will probably be almost as long. Blah.

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