Wednesday, April 26, 2006

outta gum and way over my calories

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It's almost 1am. I don't feel the least bit sleepy. I have nothing but my thumb to put in my mouth. I'm completely out of gum and I went over my 1200 calories today by like 400. That's a major failure for me.

My hair is still wet from my shower. I don't particularly enjoy showering. I sometimes panic when I'm under the water.

I am urging to cut but I can't figure out why. Today wasn't a bad day at all. I did forget to go to physical therapy though. Just completly slipped my mind until this evening. Other than that I can't think of any triggers. I went to the gym today. I talked to Harmony, Dawggy, and his daughter Jess. I even made some progress on my scary closet. I got 2 boxes out of my room.

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