Sunday, June 11, 2006

Knott's Berry Farm yesterday

Me, Danielle, John, Jolie, Eddie (Jolie's John's sister and Eddie is her son) and John's cousin Julie, one of her sons and her husband, all went to Knott's yesterday. We went because Julie had a company picnic there. They let us all in with her so we had free lunch. I had a piece of chicken, two rolls with butter, and some ice cream and of course soda. I dumped one of my cups of Mt. Dew all over my lap. Besides that it was a pretty good day.

Julie had a handicap due to a car accident and rented a scooter. We didn't wait in any lines because we got to go in the handicap entrance. We went on a lot of rides including: xcelerator, Timberline Twister, Camp Bus, Lucy's Tugboat, Jaguar, Montezooma's Revenge, Dragon Swing, Hat Dance, Ghost Rider, Timber Mountain Log Ride, Silver Bullet, Big Foot Rapids, and Wilderness Scrambler(twice). We also saw Mystery Lodge.



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