Wednesday, June 21, 2006

urgy and don't know why

Today I slept until about 4:30pm. Thats when Harmony called. I woke up very sore. Yesterday I was up at 6am. Marcie and I went to the Self Injury Anonymous meeting in Passadena. After that I dropped her off at her church. Then I went home for a while and took a 2 hour or so nap. Then I got up and got ready to leave again. I had to drop Kylee off at her girlfriend's house and then pick up Marcie and go to John's nephew's (Eddie) 6th birthday party. They had a giant water slide and most of the adults, including myself and my friends, all went on several times. We had fun. After that I ran home (taking marcie with me) and changed clothes then headed off to karaoke. We were at karaoke until about 1am then I took marcie home and went home, did a few small things, and went to bed a little after 2am (I think).

Right now I'm urgy to cut but I'm not sure why. I just feel this need to bleed. I'm not real anxious. I'm not really angry. I am a bit depressed and feel purposeless. My internet isn't working very well so I can't really keep up with the chatroom or read stuff on e2 cuz it takes forever to load. I want to bleed to feel human.



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