Sunday, September 2, 2007

another night in moms room

Today, well officially yesterday since it's like 2:23AM, I slept on the couch til like nine am from like 4:30am or so then got in moms bed for a couple hours. Took Kylee to turn in her cans and the guy went to lunch when we got there and was a jerk to kylee and turned the machine off so she couldnt even do that.I loaned her $10 so she could get something to eat cuz she was spending the day with Tricia (her gf) and another friend. She didnt spend the money and gave it back to me when she got home but i'm not sure where I put it.
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My back is hurting bad tonight.

After taking kylee to her gf's house i went home. sat in front of the ac a while then went and paid my rent. she gave me a honeydew. me and mom finished it off already. it was good. after paying my rent i went home and took a shower and attempted to take a nap but couldnt get to sleep. so i packed and came over here to moms. i took an hour and a half nap on kylees bed then got up and read a little. we had little ceaser pizza (which was icky) and crazy bread (which was good). i got on the computer about midnight. i made dawggy mad at me. i confessed i bought blades the other day and he got mad and refused to talk to me. he wouldnt accknowledge the fact that i was making efforts not to use them. like comiing over here. like calling my mom when i felt like cutting. I"M TRYING DAMNIT!



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