Saturday, September 1, 2007

computer in the shop again

it hasn't been working very well since i spilled soda on it. so i took it in friday afternoon. hopefully i'll hear something today, saturday. its almost 4am now and i have a headache. i'll prolly go to bed before too long.

i bought new blades today. they aren't sharp enough tho. thats what i get for buying the cheap ones. i only used one a little bit. called mom several times trying to stay occupied and eventually was told to just come over. sergio and brianna came over last nigt and gave me a bunch of stuff as a housewarming present. thursday mom took me to the clinic to talk to grace then came over and cleaned my kitchen and bathrroom. marcie came over and gave me some school supplies including a digital recorder to record my lectures at school.

i feel so depressed. i dont know what i'm going to do if i have to get a new computer. i have no extra money.

well theres only one song left on this cd then i'm gonnna head to the couch. hopefully i'll blog again soon....ttfn



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