Saturday, October 13, 2007

bored in class

amI'm sitting in cataloging class. she forgot to pu:t the notes on blackboard so i dont have notes to look at and i can't read the powerpoint presentation on the screen from here. it's a blur. i'm freezing. my hands hurt. i'm tired. i have a headache. i'm anxious. i'm depressed. i want to go home. its 9:17am right now. the lecture ends about ten am then we have lab which looks like a pain in the butt today. after class today i gotta go to moms to get some milk, cheese, eggs, and maybe juice. next week after lab i have to stay and do the OCLC project with shirley which is worth like 50 points. yuck. who kknows what time i'll get home that day. well i guess i'll go back to pretending i can see the screen again...



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