Sunday, October 28, 2007

Marcie couldn't do it either.

Couldn't do what? Assemble the chairs that came with my kitchen table. We've all decided that they cannot be put together and are going to put them in the shed and eventually buy new chairs (one's that come pre-assembled!). Marcie and I went to churches chicken. I had chicken strips but they were hard to eat cuz my bridge has fallen out again so I had them poligriped in and they were loose eating. As soon as we got back to my apartment I took them out, washed them, and set them on my desk shell so I can find them for tomorrow.

Tommorrow I have to go to clubhouse, see my therapist then either come home or go to my mom's house and find a dentist that can put my bridge back in to stay. Please pray I find a good dentist that can fix my teeth that is covered by my insurance and won't charge me a bundle to somehow fix my front teethlessness permentally.



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