Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's wednesday night and I am home and watching tv but it's not really been a relaxing day. Not stressfull but not relaxing. My alarm went off at 7am because the Housing Authority inspector was scheduled to come between 7:30am and 4:30pm. I set my alarm clock to go off every ten minutes and my computer to make noises every half hour. I layed back down on the couch after I brushed my teeth and stuff and got dressed and did some last minute tidying up. I didn't actually get into a good sleep after that. I don't remember what time the inspector came. I think about 10:30 or 11am. Once he left I layed back down on the couch and slept a while. Then I got up and called Marcie to tell her that I would meet her at my moms house at 5pm. I then got in bed and slept until my alarm went off at umm about 3:15. My alarm clock in the bedroom is an hour and fifteen minutes fast so that when I have to get up in the morning and I'm half asleep I don't remember that it is fast and get up because I think I'm going to be late. Shortly after my alarm went off I was still laying in bed waiting for it to go off again when Harmony called. I then got up and talked to her and took my meds. After that I didn't do much for a while then got on OLS and started entering some of the single entry sweeps.

At 4pm I went and got my mail. I got some junk but I did get a wonderful homemade Valentines card from a good friend, Tara, from #depressionchat. After that I went to my moms house. Just before 5 marcie called my cellphone and said they'd be over in a little while. We finally exchanged Christmas presents. I got the game of Life twists and turns, a huge bottle of germ-x, a stapler, a happy bunny box calander, honey, the new rascal flatts cd, and hair detangiler. I also got 2 kinds of green tea. Blueberry and Raspberry. I've had the blueberry kind before and loved it. I tried the raspberry tonight and it's really good.



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